About Us

Satisfymybody.com is wholly owned by Herbavorum Ltd, a UK company registered in Scotland. The executive director of the business is Ian Kinloch, an experienced entrepreneur, mainly from the world of IT, and, having reached his sixties, he had personally tried some of the standard chemical enhancement products such and Viagra and Cialis that are available. However, he was never completely satisfied with them, because, although they did seem to work, there were often some nasty side effects, such as headache, that always seemed to accompany their usage. Therefore, he looked around for some more natural solutions that would perhaps still provide the desired result, but in a gentler way and without the side-effects. This ultimately led to the acquisition of not only the products, but the establishment of the business too!


Since acquiring the assets of Satisfymybody.com in August of last year, he has continued to carry out extensive analysis of the market and of the business, to ensure that it is providing the correct products and service levels to our clients for their requirements. Contact with the initial clients has been re-established and indeed client numbers have been grown by a factor of 3 in that time.

Most of the work to date has been carried out in the background, such as the new HTML5 website, however, more of what we have been doing will become apparent in the coming months. One of the main tasks we are currently addressing is to widen our product range, to enable us to address our clients’ requirements more fully and with appropriate solutions for each individual.

The first result of our new product search is a fantastic new erection cream, which is manufactured in the UK with high quality ingredients to ISO 13485 standards. We expect this product to be available for deliveries starting in March, and at prices well below the established, imported brands.

Keep watching our site for some further exciting new products and developments that are planned during the rest of 2016.

As always, we welcome any feedback and suggestions about our existing products or new areas you would like us to address.